Liquid Bromine

ACIPL’s Bromine production plant has been setup at Hajipir, Gujarat. The technical know how and technology has been provided by QVF, a German Company. We are India’s largest supplier and only exporter of liquid Bromine with a capacity of 10,500 Metric Tons and working on doubling our capacities.

We take the pride in producing the best in class quality liquid Bromine with <60 ppm of Chlorine and <30 ppm of moisture which is on par with international giants. The transportation of Liquid Bromine is carried out with utmost care and safe process in our own ISO certified tankers and indigenously bottled air-tight bottles.

Bromine has major applications in water purification and disinfectant to control algae and bacterial growth in industrial processes. Bromine compounds are effective pesticides, used both as soil fumigants in agriculture, particularly fruit-growing, and as a fumigant to prevent pests from attacking stored grain and other produce. Also the largest use of Bromine is in brominated flame retardants.