Sulphate of Potash (SOP)

SOP production at ACIPL has been setup at Hajipir, Gujarat. The technical know how and technology has been provided by K-UTEC, a German Company. ACIPL is aiming to be the key producer & supplier of SOP in India with a capacity of 130,000 Metric Tons where in the current scenario the entire requirement of SOP is being imported. Potassium Sulphate, otherwise known as Sulphate of Potash contains about 50% of plant food (K2 O) and hence SOP has a major application in agriculture and helps in reaping good results. SOP was found to be particularly effective in the cultivation of citrus fruits, pomegranates, grapes, vegetables, potatoes, tobacco and nuts.

  • SOP provides both potassium and Sulphur in soluble forms.
  • SOP contains no chloride and works well on soils that are saline or sodic and where irrigation water may have high chloride levels SOP is the preferred form of potassium to use.
  • Where seeds or transplants are placed in direct contact with fertiliser, SOP is much less likely to cause root burn of plants.
  • Potassium stimulates the growth of strong stems and gives the plant some disease resistance by promoting thickness of the outer cell walls. Adequate potassium can reduce moisture loss from growing plants, thereby giving some drought resistance. Potassium improves colour, flavour and storing quality of fruit and vegetables.