Chairman Message

P. B. Anandam
Chairman – Archean Group

Dear Friends,

As we complete 25 years of exploration, it is time to take stock of what has happened and to determine the course for the future.

It has been an eventful quarter century. From a single-product operation we have grown into an enterprise whose diversified business interests span the globe. We have moved purposefully and nimbly to emerge and stand out as a multi-million dollar conglomerate with a strong presence in Industrial Salt, Building Materials, Mining & Minerals, Industrial Chemicals & Fertilizers.

The whole planet is our playing field and our enterprises represent constructive engagements with Nature and its elements.

Our identity reflects our dynamic philosophy. The red (sun), the blue (water), and green (earth) strokes in our logo stand for our three main areas of operation. The free-flowing strokes make up the 'A' in Archean. The bold A could well stand for Adventure too.

Our identity also symbolizes our renewed commitment and energy towards bolder explorations. The spirit of exploration and thirst for adventure, which are so much a part of our DNA, will ensure that we will grow despite the present global economic conditions. In fact, I see opportunities to become more efficient and stronger in these tough times.

More than anything else, I am confident and cheerful about the future because of what every one at Archean has done and demonstrated. It is our effort that has helped us become what we are today. Thanks to our unflagging sprit that help us to continue to grow and prosper together.

Best wishes for the journey ahead,