Archean works together with local populations and the strategies are based on their needs, this is done to ensure that our activities translate in great success and also beneficial to the villages.. The Company expects no favourable treatment as a result of the social investment that it makes; hence the corporate program designs are based upon its heritage, its values, its equity and its motivation to be an outstanding corporate At Archean group – Granite division, we had been working on the villages in and around of our quarries/ factories. As part of this initiative we have taken a step ahead by carrying out the following activities.

  • As part of the Central government initiative, we have constructed 130 toilets in Somapuram Village and thereby benefitting each household.
  • In the process of constructing another 60 toilets in 64 Peddur Panchayat.
  • Up-gradation of school infrastructure in Somapuram High School, Somapuram village by carrying out renovation of the school building and construction of toilets in the school.
  • An aid of Rs. 5000/- per school has been provided to 64 schools in kuppam constituency for the purpose of upgrading their sports equipments.