Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2010, Archean Indonesia developed PT. Bara Kumala Sakti coal concession at Kutai Kartenegara Regency, and since then has been actively developing several corporate social activities engaged in upliftment of the nearby villages and supporting the overall economic development of the region. Some of the key initiatives include:

Agriculture and rural development: Agricultural socialization was taken up in association with the Regional Government and Department of Mining and Energy of Kutai Kartanegara Regency. 40 hectares of community land at "Singkong Gajah" was developed in association with the local Government for agriculture and orange farming. The first stage development of fish cages was made‎ in different places at Margasari Village.

CSR team conducts several health promotion activities covering more than 200 villagers and promoting the importance of drinking milk among the children of various villages.

Archean Indonesia is rendering continuous support to the development of community market in Sungai Payang. We have organized a medical treatment camp and catered to huge number of villagers in Sungai Payang.

A water truck was donated to the community of Bakungan Village to handle emergencies and fire accidents in the region.

Education: Archean Indonesia has provided aid to Loa Kulu Intermediary Public School and supported in the development of the parking area in the school premises. Archean Indonesia has provided aid to orphanage and Islamic boarding school and has also donated computers and office stationeries for running the Village Institutions.

Youth and cultural: Archean Indonesia participated in the cultural festival “ERAU dan CSR Vaganza” annual festival organized by the Regency of Kutai Kartanegara. Organized youth creativity events such as "Kota Raja Blow Party" and also worked in encouraging the youth to participate in sports in Jembayan village and conducted Soccer referee Training in Loa Kulu. Every year merit based donations are given to students of the University of Kutai Kartanegara.

Enhancing public facilities:

  • Development of the Desa Sungai Payang Public Hall
  • Excavation of Jembayan's Village office yard
  • Repair of the cemetery, road and drainage restoration, restoration of Koramil (military rayon command) of Loa Kulu.

Archean Indonesia is also supporting the community and religious development through associations with different organizations such as:

  • Gepak (Gerakan Pemuda Asli Kalimantan) a native youth movement of Borneo – a community organization for cultural activities for youth and civil defense.
  • PERDAM (Persekutuan Dayak – Manado) is a community organization that is active in acculturation of ethnic Dayak and ethnic Manado. LPTQ (Lembaga Pendidikan Tilawatil Quran) is an institution in the village set up by the Government with the aim of educating people in reading Quran.